“How Do I Make Better Food Choices?”

This is a very commonly asked question. There is more than one answer. As usual, it depends, mostly on you. One of the skills that you may need to develop is being aware of how you feel after you eat certain foods. This can be accomplished with a food journal, but not just one whereContinue reading ““How Do I Make Better Food Choices?””

The 4 Keys Areas of Health

Health is more than just the food that’s on your plate. It’s the balance of four key areas of life: Nutrition, Exercise, Spirituality, and Relationships. Too much toxicity in any one of those areas, and, your health will suffer. And, yes, they all translate into physical symptoms or problems. Nutrition: fuel your body with junk,Continue reading “The 4 Keys Areas of Health”

When Should You Train with Heavy Weights?

As soon as it is (1) possible, and (2) in line with your goals. (A follow-up to this post about bodyweight-only training.) #1: How do you know when it’s possible? When you have proper form & range of motion. If you don’t have proper flexibility, and you’re in my garage, you’re training with a PVCContinue reading “When Should You Train with Heavy Weights?”

Should I Train With or Without Music?

When you add music to your training, by definition you have added extra sensory input; an additional element. Depending on where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, and what the objective is, the addition of music can have both positive and negative effects. If you’re doing a group metcon, the musicContinue reading “Should I Train With or Without Music?”