“Why Don’t I Get Sick?”

That’s not entirely true, but, it’s a fair question that I have been asked repeatedly.

I do, occasionally, get sick, but, when I do, it almost never slows me down.

If it’s anything common such as a runny nose, stomach bug, or sore throat, I am generally able to keep working & training without interruption, and it doesn’t last long.

The answer is that I work hard at it every day.

Part of ‘being as strong & healthy as possible’ is ‘not being sick’.

I eat well, rest & recover seriously, take care of my mind, and, give love.

Neglect any one of those four, and, more sickness will manifest.

Yes, even spirituality & love matter. If you eat lots of kale & sleep well, that’s great. But if you are constantly stressed out, you can get sick from that too.

Finally, if I do feel anything coming on that might be a sickness, here’s what I do:

  • I go to bed even earlier, increasing from 7-8 hours sleep to as much as needed, perhaps even 10 or 12 hours.
  • I’ll take triple the amount of Vitamin C as I usually do.
  • Extra water, tea, herbs, and bone broth.
  • I’ll possibly back off the intensity of exercise, if needed, but I will still train.

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