Are You Constantly Thinking?

One of the reasons I have grown to love meditation over the last couple of years is because, even if it’s only for one minute out of the whole day, it’s good to simply stop.

To stop moving, and, to stop thinking.

Eckhart Tolle says that when you are thinking, you are unconscious; it’s only when you are not thinking that you are conscious.

You, no doubt, have experienced this state of consciousness before; one in which you ‘lost all track of time’ because you were fully engaged in something, or with someone.

During those times, you aren’t worried about what might happen, or holding on to something that’s been bothering you. You’re simply being.

You don’t have to meditate to get there, although it is a great tool. But you can do other things, such as take a relaxing bath, or, go for a walk in the woods, to name a couple.

It’s more important, whatever you choose, to do it regularly – daily is best.

Your thinking mind is very powerful. You’ve probably spent the majority of your life under its spell.

But your conscious mind, even if you haven’t accessed it in awhile, is far more powerful.

The more you tap into it, the stronger it becomes.

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