Habit Building Day

I am pleased to announce that today, the third Friday of January, is a new holiday: Habit Building Day.

(My laptop, WiFi connection, and iced matcha coconut milk latte officially give me the power to create a new holiday.)

On Habit Building Day we celebrate the death of New Year’s resolutions, and remind ourselves of the reasons why they rarely stick. Like crash diets and quick-fixes, we are unable to repeat or sustain them.

But, whenever a resolution fizzles, an opportunity to build a real habit awaits.

Some common New Year’s resolutions include, “I’m going to … lose weight; exercise more; save money; get a new job.”

Some examples of habits you can build on (varies with your goals):

  • Replace 1 daily cup of coffee with one cup of water. (For caffeine concerned.)
  • Chew each bite of food twenty times. (For stress & digestion.)
  • Remove all electronics thirty minutes before bed. (For improved sleep.)
  • Add one new color of the rainbow to your weekly shopping list. (For nutrition.)

See the difference? One group is specific, replicable, and can be built on.

A first, a new healthy habit may feel a little bit like a chore. You can’t be sure if it’s going to work. There is no guarantee. It might even be annoying or painful.

But, properly gauged, with a good reason behind it, it can become a habit.

A habit that gets you just a little bit closer towards your goals, over time, eventually becomes a personality trait. It becomes a part of who you are.

That, no one can break or take away from you.

The secret of Habit Building Day is that you can celebrate it every day of the year.

You just might have some extra motivation if you, or someone you love, has just ‘broken’ a resolution. Nothing is broken. It just needs to be transformed.

You could get started on your own. Or, send me an email, if you have no idea where to start.

Generally, the smaller the first step, the better. Especially if you don’t have a lot of practice building habits. We can talk more about the process of Habit Building soon.

For today, celebrate Habit Building Day with the knowledge that your dissolved resolution is the present, if you choose to open it.

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