What Is Your Technology Taking Away From Your Health?

Did you know that more than 90% of communication between two humans is non-verbal?

Where does that go when you have relationships with people entirely by email?

Does your phone make eye contact with you?

How has the definition of ‘friend’ changed since you were a kid?

Much is focused on how great technology is, and, what you gain from it. I am all in favor of tech, and I use it often.

But you must be mindful of how much real, interpersonal connection you are getting. (Or, not getting.)

Too little of this, too much dissatisfaction in this key area of your health can cause problems.

If you were born before the internet descended on us, then for you, this is even more important.

You can actually remember a time before fake connections existed.

You can show your kids how powerful real connection is.

Your phone doesn’t make eye contact with you. It doesn’t let you experience love and trust.

But you can.

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