Knowing When Not To Eat

You already know when you should eat.

The trickier part is becoming more aware of when you should not eat.

First, let’s separate the two categories: you should eat when you are hungry. This is a feeling that you’ve known since the day you were born.

Since that day, you’ve learned to eat based off of many other cues, none of which have anything to do actual hunger.

For example, none of these reasons are actual hunger:

  • Because it’s a certain time of day
  • Because you might be hungry later
  • Because you’re driving
  • Because you’re in front of food
  • Because you crave something
  • Because you’re watching a movie
  • Because the people around you are eating
  • Because you’re bored

I could go on. There are thousands of reasons.

But there is only one, true reason.

Now, I know you’ve heard the advice ‘eat when you’re hungry’ before, but, what percentage of the time do you actually execute it?

It’s not easy to do. I’m probably at 50% or less. I’m working on it.

It’s not about getting to 100%, necessarily.

It’s about being 1% more aware today than you were yesterday.

One moment of awareness can empower your whole diet.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to correctly identify real hunger.

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