The Truth About Health on TV

Yesterday I saw this about health on TV:

First, a scare. What should you do about the flu? Is the ketogenic diet right for you? We’ll have the answer with our doctor, coming right up.

Then, a commercial, followed by a few more seconds of the hosts building up these questions, with very concerned looks on their faces.

Next, the doctor was allowed to answer each question with one or two sentences. He somehow, in his one-minute segment, managed to state that he prefers to tell his patients to make lifestyle changes, rather than follow fad diets.

This was immediately followed by a full-length pharmaceutical commercial, longer than a movie preview, showing us how their pill will solve all of our A1-C, Type II Diabetes, and heart problems.

It’s a wonder that the doctor even said the words ‘lifestyle changes’, and it’s even more or a miracle if you are able to see the truth about health on TV.

It’s not easy, but, it is there.

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