Facing Your Food Fears

At just about every meal, I overeat.

When I’m alone, I eat very large portions.

When I’m with family, I eat very large portions, plus, I feel the need to finish everyone else’s unfinished portions, even if that amounts to enough food for three or four people.

Why do I feel the need to finish everything, and eat past the point of being stuffed?

I’ve mentioned before that there’s an old influence at play. That’s one layer of it.

As a weightlifter, I always have it in the back of my mind that I want to get bigger. This is OK if that is my actual goal, and if I am staying true to the path of achieving it.

But there’s more than that.

There’s this fear that exists inside my head that ‘there might not be food soon.’ This is totally untrue. Not only is it true that if I didn’t eat for a day or two, I wouldn’t die, but, that has never happened. I’ve never been trapped in a cave without food or water.

Yet, still, several times a day, the fear of possibly not eating soon creeps in.

It’s not overwhelming, but it is there.

It’s probably not ever going to disappear.

But by noticing it, I can take away its power.

If you have a behavior around food that you are working on changing, you must be willing to look at it directly, and observe all that is going on, without fear or judgement. You’ve got to be honest with yourself.

What are you afraid of?

Once you can face it, you can tame it.

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