Being A Strong Man

As a man, your primary responsibility is to put food on the table.

To be a husband, a father, a protector. To earn enough money so that your wife and kids can live and do as they please. To provide a life with at least as much, if not more, opportunity than you had.

You understand the concept of investing. You invest time into your career, so that it will pay off in the long run. You invest in a retirement plan early, so that it compounds.

You work hard to make all of this happen. The lives of several other people depend on you. This is a stressful position to be in.

Simply working and spending time with your family might be enough to drain you. Even if you do make some time to go to the gym, you probably are not thinking about working with a Health Coach.

Except, isn’t it your health that everything above ultimately depends on?

No one ever worked with you on how to improve your sleep. No one ever taught you how build positive eating habits that stick. No one ever sat and listened to find out what works well for you. (At least, not in any school or setting that I ever went to.)

If you learned how build in better lifestyle habits, in a way that fits your schedule, wouldn’t you have more energy every day?


You’re still young enough that you can feel young and powerful in your body. The time is now for you to invest in your own health, not later.

It’s time to become the man who is leaner, stronger, faster, and more energized. To take the steps to ensure that you will be here longer, to provide and protect the ones you love better.

It’s going to take some hard work on your part – I won’t bullsh*t you on that.

But you already know how to do hard work.

Do it for yourself.

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