The Shadow Side

Everything has a shadow side. Even if it’s good.

For example: I am a Health Coach. It’s my job to help you change your life for the better, through diet & lifestyle changes. Most people are very supportive of this.

But, some people are afraid, skeptical, or even angry about this. They might think that ‘their way’ to help people is better, or, the only way. Or, they might think that it’s just plain bullshit.

And, I’ve had my own doubts and fears along the way. Will I be good at it? What if I don’t help this person? Do I know enough?

The key to getting through all of these negative thoughts, these shadows (both yours and the ones others project onto you) is realizing that they are neither good nor bad. They are just natural thoughts.

When you see them for what they are, you can see where they come from.

And you can see the truth.

For example, I do know enough. I am good enough. I was meant to do this. And no matter what anyone else thinks, that’s OK. They may not be my friend, supporter, or client.

But you are.

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