Gluten-Free Q & A: “I Think I May Need To Try This?”

I guess I’ve been gluten-free for so long that I sometimes forget: you may just first be coming around to this question today.

And that’s OK. Let’s keep it really simple.

Something you heard somewhere, or something you felt, prompted you to ask this question. To wonder, ‘is gluten bad for me?’

The only way to find out is to try.

Now, how to try becomes the next question. What can’t you eat?

I am generally not a fan of restriction because it’s hard to stick to, but, if you’re going gluten-free, then, you need to restrict all gluten.

So, before you even step one foot into what you can and can’t eat, you need to step back, right now, to the beginning and ask yourself why you want to try this.

Get really clear on this part. Because the ‘how to do it’ is actually pretty simple.

But without a clear ‘why’, you won’t be motivated to succeed at it.

Do you want to lose weight? OK. How much? What will you look like in the mirror when you get there? Will you have to buy all new clothes?

Do you want to feel more energized? Have better cognitive function? What will you feel like when you get out of be every morning?

Paint a clear picture of what your life will look like after this change, because in order to make this change, you’ll have to turn down lots of foods that you ate before and be happy about it.

This is totally possible and within your reach.

I just don’t want you to get started until you’re ready.

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