Our Minds & Bodies

To expand on yesterday’s post a bit more: the tension between our minds and bodies is new.

What our bodies evolved to eat, and thoughts that we have in our minds surrounding food, are two very different things.

For about 2 million years, our genus of man (homo) evolved slowly. We know nothing about how those early versions of man felt or thought.

We do know that the first evidence we have of fiction, stories, language, and advanced consciousness is not until about 70,000 years ago.

It is only very recently – nothing more than a dot on this timeline – that we’ve been blitzkrieged with messaging about food from all angles. Less than 100 years.

So, even though our minds are very, very powerful, we must be aware of this evolution. Our minds gave homo sapiens the ability to collaborate and create the world we live in today.

However, our these concerns, cravings, worries, and fears that we experience in our minds about food did not come first. What came first was simply our bodies, and food.

We ate what we could to survive, and we had to listen to our bodies to tell us what was good for us, or not.

Our minds are very powerful, but our bodies are much more practical. We know, deep down, which foods works for us, and which do not.

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