Cravings Are Not Bad

Cravings are not bad.

This may seem counterintuitive. Usually, your inner monologue around cravings go something like this: “I feel a craving for _____. I eventually can’t resist and go find some _____ and eat it. Then, I feel guilty about it afterwards.”

So there is this built-in negativity, this cycle of shame surrounding every craving.

That is all in your head. You can change the story you tell yourself about cravings. You can make it a positive one.

A craving is a signal from your body. It is information. It is feedback. Information, by itself, is just information. How you interpret, and then act on it, that is completely up to you.

When a craving hits, your body is correct: you do need something. The question is, what, exactly, do you need?

It might be as simple as ‘you just need some water’. It might be a macronutrient like sugar, fat, or protein. Or, it might be something deeper, something not having to do with food at all.

Figuring this out might take some hard work on your part. This is exactly the point that you may need help with. And, that’s OK. It’s not easy.

This kind of approach is what makes what I do as a Health Coach unique. If you’re struggling with cravings, and you’d like to explore this further in a free, confidential session, just send me a note.

Happy New Year to all!

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