Decision Fatigue

Don’t answer these three questions:

If we have 50 shirts in your closet & drawers, how many do we have to think about over the course of one week?

If we have 500 cable channels, plus an Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription, how many shows do we have to pick from every time we want to watch something?

How many dishes are on the menu at the 3 restaurants we visit most often?

We could make this list as long as we want. Now, let’s answer this 1 question:

How many decisions can our brains make, well, in one day?

The answer is ‘not an unlimited number’.

Furthermore, the more we use our energy, the more it must be recharged. That’s what sleep is for.

So we have a choice: do we want to decide what we do with our life’s energy, or, do we want to let other forces decide for us?

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