Our Natural State of Being

Our natural state of being is one of relaxation and calm. This is sometimes referred to as equanimity.

As we move through life, we disturb this. We set alarms, go to schools or jobs, worry, and plan.

Almost everything that we worry about, perhaps as much as 80 or 90%, is not real. We invented it. We can go on for days, weeks, months, or even years in this invented state of disturbance, without even a small ‘break’ in the storm.

Somewhat sadly, when moments of equanimity break through, we have frazzled our minds so much that we tend not to notice or enjoy them.

However, there is doubly good news here.

First, equanimity is our natural state. This means that, even if we have forgotten how to notice it, we can always return to it.

Second, equanimity supersedes everything else. It was here before us, and it will be here after us, no matter what we do with our time here.

Therefore it can be felt at any time, any moment that we choose.

Let’s get to a specific example: equanimity can be felt as pure love & joy.

When our child looks at us for guidance, that is pure love. When we laugh deep in our bellies with our spouses at the absurdity of things, that is pure joy.

Equanimity is around us all the time, even when we are hard at work disturbing ourselves.

We cannot move through our whole day in this natural state of calm, but we can start to notice it more, and see which state is reality, and which state is invented.

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