Your Food Past

How much of your relationship with food, today, is determined by your experiences around food from your past?

The more I think about this, the more I think, a whole lot.

I sat down for dinner with my grandmother yesterday, and, we were talking about this. I can see, plainly, that a big part of how I think about food comes directly from her: I can’t stand to leave good, uneaten food on the table. Neither could she.

You’ve had countless past experiences, attitudes, and events around food, both positive and negative, obvious and subtle, that shape your dinner tonight before you even sit down to eat it.

But there’s something about the past that’s important to know: it doesn’t exist. It’s gone.

There is only the ‘now’.

This realization, of course, is very easy to say, and far more difficult to practice.

But your past only controls you if you let it.

If you are brave enough to open up to your past, and see what really has a hold on you today, it might just loosen its grip on you.

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