Your Timeline of Health

I often write about how your health is a journey.

If you were to write it out on a timeline, you would see that there are several ‘major’ turning points, but also, many subtle ones.

So, it is not the case that there ever was, or is ever going to be, one point at which everything about your health is solved. It simply doesn’t work that way.

Yes, when I did a 30-day Paleo meal challenge reset in 2010, that drastically changed my appearance, feeling, and diet, immediately and moving forward.

But when I decided to drink one glass of water in a sales meeting, instead of a cup of coffee, that had a ripple effect which led me to feel great on 90% less coffee than I was used to in just a few weeks.

So, no matter where you are, there is still more change to come, and, it most often comes from small steps that are pretty easy to take.

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