Food, and ‘Not-Food’

Now that you’re clear about the fact that there is no magic bullet for your health, I will say that the removal of processed ‘foods’ from your diet will make a huge difference – fast.

That’s why my number one rule for buying food has always been ‘read the ingredients’. There are thousands of things you can can buy at the supermarket that I call ‘not-food’.

Here are some of the characteristics of food and not-food:

Feels, smells, & looks alive
Will decay or grow stale/moldy
Doesn’t have labels or packaging
Needs preparation
Is lifeless
Lasts indefinitely
Packaged with added ingredients
Ready to eat

Those are extremes, and, not all-inclusive. There is a lot of middle ground. For example, dried kidney beans don’t really go bad. But it’s a good thing that we figured out how to preserve and can things, for survival.

And yes, I have many things in my house that come in packaging, and have labels. I simply try to buy as many foods as a I can, and as few not-foods as possible. If I am choosing something that is packaged, then you can be damned sure I know what every ingredient in it is.

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