Open Up to Your Journey

When I started this blog in 2013, I wasn’t a Health Coach.

If you look around the website now, you probably wouldn’t guess that. Good thing that websites are flexible.

In five years, I’ll still be a Health Coach – but I have no idea what else I will be. My practice will evolve. I may get additional credentials, learn new skills, or become more specialized.

But I will still only have one blog.

I’ll only have one blog because, like you, I will only have one voice. There is no way to split that up. You will change, but you cannot separate yourself from yourself.

This might have nothing to do with blogging for you. But if my blog somehow captures my journey of health over time, then, just be aware that you are on a journey too.

You might have been a Vegan who starts to eat meat, or a meat eater who becomes Vegan. You might not cook today, but start tomorrow.

You might become the version of yourself that you have always know was possible.

You never know, until it happens. You just have to be open to it.

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