What Changed My Nutrition?

It would be easy to say that the 30-day Paleo meal challenge I did in 2010, after which I was in the best physical shape of my life to date by far, was what transformed the way I eat and look. But that is not correct.

What about the ten years I worked, slowly, on the other six key areas of my health, little by little? In 2001, I didn’t care what I ate, or how I looked. I am quite confident that, had a doctor prescribed me that same 30-day meal plan in 2001, it would not have worked. I would not have been committed to stick to it. I was not ready.

There are definitely key moments along your journey, but it is not correct to look for the single cause of everything. This cause and effect mentality tends to imply, and have you searching, for the ‘silver bullet’. But the silver bullet does not exist.

The way you eat is transforming. It doesn’t ‘get transformed’. There is no magic wand, end point, or finish line. It is changing, right now. Some days, you will eat really well. Other days, not so well.

Some days, you will be ready to try something new. Some days, an opportunity, or mentor, will appear – but you’ll miss it. You either won’t see it, or you won’t be ready to take that step forward.

Other days, you will. The more that you open yourself up to this idea, and practice it (in all areas of life), the more often that you will be able to make progress with your nutrition.

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