What’s the Best You Can Do Today?

I’ve talked about morning routines before, but, today I hope to offer a bit of a different spin on it for you.

A strong morning routine makes for a strong person. There’s no doubt about that.

I chose the word ‘strong’, but, for you, that could be a more relaxed version. For example, perhaps your goals are to become more flexible and easygoing. If you build yoga & meditation into your morning routine, then, you will be stronger in those areas.

Your morning might be later than mine. I get started at 4:30 AM. You might get started at 11. If that’s the way your schedule works, great. This doesn’t have to be early.

What I am talking about is, whatever you do first, whenever you do it, have a plan. Do it well. Discard what didn’t work yesterday, and, do more of what did.

Build on it, continually. If it’s been working well for awhile, what can you do to make it better? Can you get up a little earlier and add something more? Make time for that thing you’ve been wanting to learn?

With a strong routine place, you can’t be derailed from long-term progress, even when you are interrupted in the short-term. That’s the final aspect I want to mention today.

Yes, I want you to practice your empowering routine every day until it becomes a part of your being.

But I also want you to be comfortable adapting. Some mornings – and these are the exception, not the rule – you will get interrupted.

Some mornings, you’ll have to skip something. Someone will get sick. You’ll have to go to work early, or fly somewhere.

On those mornings, you reserve the right to do your rituals later, in the afternoon or evening. Or, to modify them. To meditate, write, or exercise for 5 minutes instead of 50. Whatever is needed.

If you have enough regular daily practice under your belt, your habits won’t be broken. Just get right back to them ASAP.

There is no such thing as the perfect morning routine, because every morning is different, and unpredictable.

There is, however, the best possible routine you can do today.

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