Your Food, and Your Sanity.

If you’ve tried several, or many, diets, you might be surprised at one of the reasons that they don’t work.

Often, it’s because they are diets.

Which, if that’s the case with you, means that the next diet you try also will not work, by definition.

I’ll be less cryptic: what does a diet mean to you?

Is it a list of foods you cannot eat? Does it mean that you have to miss, and long for things that you love? Does is make you weigh or count every gram or calorie?

Some of those techniques work for some people, and that’s great. Sometimes, they are necessary. Like, if you need to be on a restrictive diet, for a medical condition. Or, if you have no impulse control, and you must restrict calories. Or, if perhaps you’re making your final weight for a bodybuilding show.

But those are rare cases. It’s more likely that you simply need to live your life and enjoy it – while finding a good balance between your food, and your sanity.

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