Lentils & Meat

As you may know, when you combine lentils and rice, you get a complete protein.

That means that you get all of the essential amino acids your body needs. (You don’t get that if you eat just one or the other.)

Now, I eat a lot of animal food. So I don’t have a protein deficiency in my diet.

But I probably eat too much animal food.

What I’ve found is that lentils and beans work better for me that just rice.

When I eat rice alone, my sugar spikes, and, I crave … eating a ton more rice.

But when I eat lentils or beans, I don’t feel the need to keep shoving in more.

And, I feel satisfied – without the steak or chicken.

So, I’m not going Vegan. But this is just a note to my fellow meat-eaters out there:

You may not need meat every day of the week.

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