Who Is This Blog For?

One morning my son (he’s 6) came downstairs and asked me two questions.

“What are you doing?”

Writing, I said.

Then, without hesitation, and with the curious inflection that only a child can provide, “Who are you writing to?”

The good news is that I know exactly who I am writing to. I am writing to you, and, only you. No one else.

I can guess your age, sex, and a few other characteristics pretty accurately.

But, to me, what’s more important is that I know where you are on your journey of health.

You’ve started down the path towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

Yes, simply by being curious, and open to reading about it, you’re on the path.

But it’s confusing, because the path is overcrowded with tons of information out there about food, exercise, and nutrition.

We’ll, here’s more good news: just as this blog is only for you, there is only one path that works for you: your path.

Yes, there is a lot you can learn from others, and what has worked (or hasn’t) for them before.

But ultimately (and, it’s my job to help) you’ll need to find what works for you.

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