Some Days Versus Most Days

Most days, I have  very specific routine that includes going to bed early, so that I can have proper rest and recovery for a successful morning.

But not all days. Life breaks that up fairly regularly. Some days it’s a late social event. Some days is a night I’ve got to work late. Some days it’s a family curveball.

Those some days are what most days prepare you for.

When you train with discipline, eat well, and rest properly, your body is able to go on short rest, with no (or minimal) setbacks.

This way, you can get right back in the gym, or right back to your work, with five hours of sleep instead of your usual eight or nine.

Just make sure that you don’t switch the some with the most.

Most days should be disciplined.

Some days should free flowing.

It’s the discipline that leads to the freedom.

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