Who Do You Want To Become?

I missed a publishing a blog post on time the other day.

Of all of my daily habits, this is the one I have committed to for the longest. (Since I became a grown up. I’m not including brushing my teeth.)

It is such powerful feeling, once you get a good habit ingrained.

In fact, at first, it’s a habit. But after a certain amount of time – somewhere around the three month mark – it starts to become a trait. It actually becomes a part of your character.

Who am I? I am some who published a blog post, every day.

Of course, I ‘paid it back’. I posted it up late. I almost couldn’t go to sleep that night. It bothered me so much, I got up out of bed, and wrote a quick on on pen & paper, then typed it out the next morning.

But this is not a post about writing. It’s a post about the power of repeating positive daily habits.

Build yourself up with a few of those, and, you can’t be stopped.

Who do you want to become?

Answer that, and we can find a few steps to get there.

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