The Granola Bar Diet

Have heard about The Granola Bar Diet yet? It’s the next biggest trend. Angelina Jolie got in great shape for her upcoming movie on it.

It’s simple; you eat one granola bar for breakfast, another for lunch, and then have a regular dinner. Dinner is optional; if you’re really, really busy, then, you can skip dinner and have a third granola bar.

The GBD is guaranteed to make you lose weight. Some people have even attained Kardashian-like status in their communities on it.


I’m kidding, and, I do not recommend that to be your diet. Granola, power, energy, and even meal replacement bars are not the same things traditional meals.

Traditional meals involve whole foods, served on plates or bowls, usually with silverware. Ideally, your meals should include at least one other person, and some good conversation.

How often are you rushing through meals? Do you even taste your food? How many times do you opt for the granola bar without even sitting down? Once a day? Twice? Are you actually following the GBD?

I would ask you to think about that a bit. If you don’t have ten or fifteen minutes to sit down and eat some whole foods, then, what else is stealing that time from you? What tasks are you doing that you can delegate? Eliminate?

I have a demanding job, family, and other interests. So I get it. It’s easy to ‘shave time’ on breakfast or lunch, because those don’t pay the bills, or keep your spouse happy. To top it off, packaged foods are everywhere, and they’re cheap.

No one said that balancing your life was easy. But it is important.

And, you might just find that it’s just the first few steps, the initial tension of breaking bad habits, that are particularly hard. I’m telling you: it gets easier after that.

Other people and forces want you to buy convenient snacks, and work long hours without a break. You’ve got to start by asking yourself: what do you want?

By the way, I love granola (or, protein) bars. I eat them all the time. They’re amazing in between meals, and, as emergency meals when there is no other option. Like, when I’m at a place that only serves ‘not food’.

Here are my favorites: Redd Bars, Go Macro Bars, & Lara Bars.

Fun fact: Lara Merriken started the company making Lara Bars in a regular old Cuisinart machine in her kitchen, while working a regular job at Whole Foods.

Have a great weekend! Also, eat with co-workers, friends, and family. Not alone.

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