Being Healthy

Let’s say that you have a goal: to lose twenty pounds. If you reach it, are you then healthy?

Maybe you’re healthier than before, but, you set new goals. When do you arrive at ‘being healthy’?

Or is that all wrong, and, were you already healthy the whole time?

Of course, there is no exact definition of healthy.

It’s possible that when you conjure up an image of a healthy person, a well-fit, youthful body might come to your mind. But what comes to your mind will differ from the next person.

They might picture an elderly person with a big smile and good mobility.

Or, even a heavy-set person.

Furthermore, plenty of thin and fit people are out there, walking around, looking great on the outside, but carrying lots of unhealthy issues on the inside.

So, what can you do with all of this?

Well, if there is no definition of healthy that applies to all, then it’s about figuring out ‘what is the definition of healthy that applies to you’?

And this, you can answer. This, you can write down on paper. This will change, and that’s OK. You will never arrive at one place, one ‘finish line’ where ‘ultimate health’ is achieved.

But you will be able to achieve goals, exceed them, and then achieve new ones after that, if you’re clear about exactly what you want.

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