What Does ‘Vitality’ Mean To Me?

This morning I would just like to take a minute and define for you what ‘vitality’ means to me.

Vitality is your life energy. Sometimes it’s referred to as Qi or Chi. It goes by other names in other cultures.

I often use the imagery and language of fire to describe vitality. The stronger your vitality burns, the more energized you are. You are more driven to take action, be persistent, and less willing to give up or quit.

You also, when full of vitality, are a source of inspiration to others. Your vitality can be contagious; you can ignite the fire in the belly of other people.

Vitality, like all things, has an opposite end; a duality. The opposite of vitality is depression. Having once spent several years in depression, a state in which you have no drive, no desire to do anything (even to live), I am familiar with all end of this spectrum.

Most people are, at any given time, somewhere in the middle; not at either extreme end.

Because all things in life are connected, vitality and depression are forever intertwined. You cannot have one without the existence of the other.

What you do have is the ability to make choices. You can choose which way you see the world; it can be a place where things happen to you, or a place where you make things happen.

It is my job, my purpose in life to help you fuel your vitality through choices. That’s why the title of this blog is ‘Vitalize Your Life’.

There is a fire burning inside of you. Let’s get it burning as brightly as it was meant to. 

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