Choose Whole Foods

Whenever possible, choose whole foods.

I’ve noticed that a lot more of you than I might have guessed are trading time for convenience.

You’re pressed for time, so, you choose the food source that’s the quickest to grab, or easiest to prepare, such as a granola bar, or, even fast food.

A good granola or energy bar isn’t the end of the world. I always keep one in my bag (ideally for a snack). I will save that for an ’emergency’ and use it as a meal.

Here’s how I define ’emergency’: these should come up rarely, and, are food situations that could not have been prepared for.

Most food situations, such as when you go to work, can be prepared for.

So you’ve got to be really honest with yourself about how much time you have.

You have all the time in the world. Sometimes, it’s a question of ‘how badly do you want to achieve your goals’.

It take less than ten minutes to scramble a few eggs and spinach. You can make your coffee and pop in a piece of gluten-free toast while your doing it. And you can clean the pan immediately after the eggs come off.

That’s a whole food breakfast that beat an Rx Bar any day of the week.

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