Am I A Personal Trainer?

I get asked this question a lot: I am not.

I don’t have a degree in exercise science, or certification in any particular training system.

However, I have been strength training, and studying from different strength coaches for several years. I know enough about being a personal trainer to know what I don’t know.

As a Health Coach, I am trained to help you with issues such as weight gain/loss, sleep, exercise, stress, and energy levels, among others.

Strength training is one of my areas of expertise.

So, I might help you assess your current workout regimen, talk about proper form, rest, and recovery with you, or recommend other programs that work.

But, I won’t be in the gym with you every time you train, and I don’t write customized training programs. (Yet.)

Over time, I’ll continue to fuse my passion for strength training together with what I do as a Health Coach more & more.

Now, tomorrow I’m hosting a workshop at a gym. It is not a workout; it is a group Health Coaching workshop.

It’s called ‘Eating for Energy’ because, what you eat can either boost, or drain your energy.

We’re going to talk about food, energy, rest & recovery, and exercise – but we’re not lifting any weights.

Whether you workout regularly or not, you should come, because how you fuel your body matters.

If you have no intention of going to the gym, but you’re looking to gain some more energy, we’ll uncover how to do that, through some simple food tips.

If you’re an advanced athlete, nutrition and optimization of energy is equally as important, and, we’ll be discussing how you can optimize that as well.

I’ll see you tomorrow at 10:30 then, right?

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