One Step At A Time

This is an often quoted (and true) saying:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

But, less noticed is that you can only move forward on your journey at any point with … a single step.

That might be swapping the soda out of your fast-food meal for a water for some people, but adding kimchi to an already well-rounded diet for others.

Your step depends on where you are.

But, wherever you are, whether it’s mile 1, or, 999, it’s always one step at a time.

To build on that a bit, if you’re a bit farther on your journey of health & strength than most, it’s possible that your steps might be harder to identify, or might not feel as ‘progressive’.

That’s because you may be on a plateau. Plateaus happen both in strength training (with progress in the gym) and in nutrition (with weight goals, body fat, etc.)

The climb up Mt. Everest is not at 45 degree angle.

Even if your results are flat for a little while, you still might be moving forward.

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