Get Together & Play

The other day is was about twenty degrees on the morning of a scheduled outdoor soccer match. It was an open invitational to all of the youth soccer coaches and parents in my neighborhood.

Because of the cold I expected only a handful of guys to show up.

I arrived at the parking lot pleasantly surprised to see about thirty five guys dressed and ready to go.

Now, I spoke with most of these guys. They’re in their late 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Some still workout or play soccer regularly but, most do not.

So, what drives them out of their house at 7 AM in the freezing cold to get together and play?

That’s is – to get together and play.

In our hearts, we still love games. It doesn’t matter how many hours we work, or how many kids we have to take care of.

I’ve seen, in my own life, a direct correlation between ‘joy’ and ‘playing games with peers’. I’m not talking about playing games with your kids – that’s important, but, not the same.

For me, it’s soccer. But it doesn’t have to be a sport. It’s a matter of getting together with people who are either your age, or, your peer in some way, and being stimulated.

If you can find a regular, at least semi-regular event to attend that you’re excited about, you’ll probably find that it makes the rest of your life a bit more exciting as well.

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