What Would Happen If You Didn’t Set Your Alarm Clock?

Without being interrupted, you would simply … wake up.

Waking up on time turns out to be the exact same goal you’re trying to achieve with the alarm clock.

It’s the words ‘on time’ that are the problem. Your body already has a timing system built in, and it’s far, far more accurate and tested than your alarm clock’s.

Your body is designed, generally, to get tired when the sun goes down, and wake up when the sun rises. That is how you evolved.

You could be a ‘night person’. Bodies, amounts of sleep, lifestyles, genetics, and circadian rhythms all vary a bit from person to person. Your body’s clock is also adaptable. It will adjust just about anything.

But twenty years of staying up late in your teens & twenties does not completely override 70,000 years of what is coded in your DNA.

The more you fight with or loathe your alarm clock, the more your body clock might be out of balance.

It’s not easy to balance rest with all of the demands and choices modern life give us. But it is possible.

Don’t ditch your alarm clock just yet. I still use mine. It may take some practice to be able to wake up consistently, on time – both for your body and for your responsibilities – without it.

If sleep is an area of concern for you, let me know. It often has nothing to do with ‘what time you go to bed’ at all. We can speak privately about it.

Don’t forget to be gentle with yourself. Rest is important, you can’t cheat it. You deserve it.

Don’t forget that I’m running the Eating for Energy Workshop in just 8 days. And, there just might be a fun surprise for those who attend.

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