Eating & Love

When I think about why I eat so much of certain foods, what comes to mind is that I love them.

For me, that’s usually regarding protein (meaning, animal meat & eggs) and carbs (like rice and pasta).

Those are usually my first choices. So, when I go through my day, I know that I have to get more vegetables in, especially if I haven’t had any for my first meal or two.

Now, let’s say that dinner comes around, and, I start eating a bunch of vegetables, for the first time that day. What I have noticed is that my mouth starts signaling me to eat more of them, as if it was really missing them.

Love doesn’t always come from the same place.

I love all humans. I love you, the readers of this blog. I love my old friends. But I don’t love any of those groups the same way that I love my wife.

And so it goes with food. I love meat & eggs for many reasons: I was brought up on them; I am connected to many memories eating them; I believe that they make me stronger … and the list goes on. For me, there is a lifetime of psychology behind them.

My body seems to really love vegetables. Now, I’ve been better at eating my veggies in my 30’s. But I don’t have 38 years of emotional connection to them.

Hopefully this is helpful to explain, at least a little bit, why you might crave certain foods.

There are powerful forces behind the foods that you love. You are an emotional being, and you can’t run away from that.

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