The Lifeblood of Humanity

The main reason that we survived as a species, and surpassed other animals on the planet, was connection. If we hadn’t figured out how to connect, and work together, our fate would not have been any different than that of our cousins, such as Neanderthals.

Theirs was a fate of extinction.

Today, when you read studies about the Blue Zones, you can see that close social connections are still what keep individual humans alive and thriving. A group of 100 year-old great-great-great-grandmothers, best friends since childhood, gets together every day to socialize. They don’t do push-ups, drink smoothies, or have Facebook. They just have each other.

Even though we have all of these fancy tools to connect, it seems that in many ways, we are more disconnected than ever before.

And so, if there’s something missing from your life, it’s no surprise that you can find it when you walk into a CrossFit gym, a Barre3 class, a Harley Davidson shop, or even a book club. These are places where you become part of a tribe, a group that cares about each other, and protects each other from outsiders.

Don’t underestimate the value of having strong social connections in your life. They have been the lifeblood of all human beings for 70,000 years. You and I are not exempt from that.

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