A Life-Changing Vote

I voted at my local polling place yesterday, but that’s not the only way to vote.

In fact, both you & I vote every single day, in a way which I believe is far more important: with our wallets, at the supermarket.

No, I’m not kidding. Where you choose to spend your dollars on food can:

  • Impact your health immediately
  • Influence the health of your family & friends
  • Directly support good, often local & small food businesses
  • Reduce your medical expenses over time
  • Solve the health care crisis in this county over the long term.

And that’s just as quickly as I can summarize it in five bullet points.

There are many layers to food politics. It’s a big deal, and it affects you directly, every day, even if ‘unseen’ or ‘not talked about’.

Now, when was the last time you cast a ballot that changed your life the very same day?

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