What’s Your Training Mindset?

I do the same mobility warm up before every workout.

I’ve been using it for about four years. It works.

Neck, shoulder, arm, hip, back, and leg circles and rotations to get loose.

It’s like a pre-warm up; after that comes the warm up for the training.

I won’t touch a weight or do a push up without doing that routine first.

After using the same routine for so long, how do I avoid laziness, slacking off, perhaps ‘taking it easy’ or ‘skipping’ it, or some portion of it?

It’s funny, the other day I caught myself being a little lazy in one of the movements, which means, not going for maximum range of motion.

I eliminated that immediately.

I reminded myself that it’s not just about giving it my all in the big moments, like, when I’m squatting.

It is only through giving it your all in every moment, that you can perform at your best in any moment.

There are no separate moments. It’s all the same.

The question is, what is your mindset? How will you approach your training?

Will you attack it as if your life depends on it?

It does.

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