Cooking Tips: Just Get Started!

I like to write to you about cooking tips on Sundays because you’re home.

Sunday is the day to do it.

And, the #1 cooking tip I can give you is simply that: to do it. To cook.

When I started cooking, I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t come from a family that did a lot of home cooking.

I was living alone in an apartment in Brooklyn in my twenties. I think I had one pan, one pot, and an oven.

I made some very simple dishes. I burned a few things. It wasn’t until later on that I got any good at it. (I’m not sure if I would even call myself ‘good’.)

But I can cook because I started to try it.

A baby doesn’t learn to walk by you telling it how; it learns to walk by falling down.

And, as Dr. Mark Hyman says, “good health rarely comes out of a medicine bottle.”

One of the keys to good health is home cooking.

You control what goes onto your plate, saving money, and increasing joy all at the same time.

You don’t have to start with roasting a chicken (even though it’s pretty easy).

But you do have to start.

Why not today?

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