Cooking Tips: Bone Broth

My favorite piece of food from this year’s Thanksgiving dinner was the one I didn’t eat … yet. It’s the huge carcass of bones that I kept after carving the ten pound turkey. I purposely left significant chunks of meat, skin, fat, and cartilage on it. There was more than enough carved meat to feedContinue reading “Cooking Tips: Bone Broth”

What Would Happen If You Didn’t Set Your Alarm Clock?

Without being interrupted, you would simply … wake up. Waking up on time turns out to be the exact same goal you’re trying to achieve with the alarm clock. It’s the words ‘on time’ that are the problem. Your body already has a timing system built in, and it’s far, far more accurate and testedContinue reading “What Would Happen If You Didn’t Set Your Alarm Clock?”

A Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

It’s Thanksgiving morning, and, Thanksgiving revolves heavily around food. (Doesn’t everything we do?) Here are a few quick ideas for how to make your meal as healthy as possible: Give your full attention to your family and to the food. Leave your phone at the front door. If you’re hungry, eat. The reverse: if you’reContinue reading “A Healthy Thanksgiving Meal”