The Food I Crave The Most

My biggest food weakness is pasta.

It’s been that way ever since I was a kid, eating traditional pasta made with white flour.

It’s still that way today, even though I haven’t eaten gluten in almost ten years.

Put a bowl of pasta in front of me and I can’t stop eating it. I am not going to leave leftovers. I will eat a whole pound in one sitting.

So, what’s the deal with that? Why is it so hard for me to stop?

There are a few layers. I’ve talked with you about cravings before.

But for today I want to unpack the type of carbs.

There is no major glycemic difference between the white pasta I ate when I was 15, and the brown rice pasta I eat now.

That means that, both rice & processed white flour have high glycemic indexes – they raise the level of sugar in your blood quickly.

When that system is activated in your body, you immediately want more.

On the other hand, I have been experimenting with lower glycemic carbs lately: lentils and beans.

These are still carbs. They still turn into sugar. But they do it slower.

I’ve found that I can also eat them more slowly. I find them more satisfying. They also have more nutritional benefits than rice.

So, if you relate at all to this; if you love pizza, pasta, garlic knots, bread, and all things starchy, try slowing it down a bit.

A bowl of lentils or a box of chickpea pasta will still give you your carb fix.

And you might even find that it tastes better too.

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