3 Ways to Record Your Training

Recording your training is important because you want to be sure you are getting results.

How many push-ups can you do in a row today? How many did you do last month, or last year?

This process can be simple. Use an pencil and a notebook.

Optional: use an Excel spreadsheet.

Option 2: use an app.

I actually use all three, and, I’ll explain why, plus, the pros & cons.


The easiest way to record your training. Simply write down everything that you do. Shorthand notation is find. Add a few notes about how you felt if applicable. Keep a page or two at the front or back to track working maxes.

Pros: Robust and flexible. You’ll never lose the data because you didn’t back it up, or you lost power. You can write whatever is needed on any given day. Cheap to maintain.

Cons: Less easy to search through for historical data.


More complex than a notebook, so, by definition, this takes more time to set up, but has more functionality.

Pros: Easy manipulation of data. Easy to search. Can track and sort training various ways; by date, exercise, weight, etc.

Cons: More difficult to set up. Data can be lost. Data must be entered after the workout, which sometimes means a two-step process.


I haven’t tried them all, but, I currently train on Train Heroic. A good app can be pretty sweet.

Pros: Beautifully designed. Contains other features, such as videos. May automatically calculate working maxes and suggested weights.

Cons: You do not own the data. It is on a third party site. Costs money to join; if you don’t pay, you may not be able to download / keep all of the data.

So, you may have to have a notebook in addition to your app anway.

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