Training In The Winter

Winter is the season when life goes back into the ground, disappears from view, and resets itself. It’s cold, dark, and sometimes even barren.
Winter is my favorite time for strength training. Here’s why:
(1) You become comfortable with the uncomfortable.
It gets really cold in my garage. My barbell, dumbbell handles, and pull-up bar are steel – they’re freezing to the touch. Casual walkers and joggers disappear. By December, I’ll be the only person running outside on my block.
Life is not comfortable. When you train through the winter, you don’t just get a stronger body. You get a stronger mind.
(2) You’re going to set yourself apart from the pack.
It feels good to train through the winter because most other people are not. You’re on a mission. You have a goal: to become as strong as possible. You’re going to do whatever is needed to get there.
(3) Results don’t take a break.
If looking good in the summer is one of your goals, now is the time to put in the work. By April, it’s too late.
Whether you want to lose a few pounds, form a six pack, or just improve your GPP (general physical preparedness), small changes now are what stick, and add up to big results later.
You don’t have to run around in the snow like me. You can do this at a gym, or even inside your home.
But if you’re training to get leaner, faster, and stronger, make sure that wherever you do it, that you keep doing it through the winter.
The plant and animal life that you don’t see in the winter isn’t doing nothing. It’s working, slowly and steadily, out of sight, getting ready to bloom in the spring.

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