Is Your Diet Upside Down?

Sometimes, everything you thought you knew gets turned upside down.

For about seventeen years, I ate the standard american diet. I never got sick. I stayed lean and healthy.

But then, my body started to change. I did start to gain weight, and get sick. I felt like crap.

There were other things going on in my life. I didn’t examine the food component until later, when I was about thirty years old.

So, at thirty, there I am, basically shocked that everything I’ve been eating this whole time has been messing up my health.

The good news was that it only took my body about one month to course correct.

That good news is the same for you: ‘give your body a half of a chance, and it will heal itself’, as Joshua Rosenthal always says.

The standard American diet is full of junk, sugar, and lots of things that are not even food.

When you eat things which are not food, you will get sick.

But you don’t have to. Plus, real food tastes better. I promise.

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