Get On the Path. Early.

“When you get on the path, it’s easier to stay on. When you step off, it’s a slippery slope and it’s easier to go down.” – Jocko Willink & Leif Babin, ‘How Navy SEALS Lead” on the James Altucher Show.

This is something I’ve told you about before. But, when you hear a Navy SEAL say it, and his name is Jocko Willink, it has a certain amount of impact.

This is a man who, every day, gets up at 4:30 AM, brushes his teeth, and works out.

He accomplishes more by 9 AM than many people do all day long.

When you start your morning routine off with a series of small wins, when you get some exercise in early, you’re on a roll.

Nothing can stop you.

You won’t want to eat crappy food later in the day.

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