Transforming Your Diet

… generally speaking, should be slow and steady.

Not abrupt and rash.

I remember when I did Robb Wolf’s 30 day Paleo challenge, which, is pretty abrupt and rash. Even that wasn’t really abrupt and rash, thinking back, because there was a long year or two of leading up to it. I was reading (his whole book), and had been slowly changing my diet before that, along with several other habits.

There absolutely are benefits to cleanses and elimination diets. But, if you’re looking to lose weight, and keep your bodyweight down at a certain level all the time, there is no light switch to flip.

There is only constant effort.

The good news about constant effort is that:

  • The changes can be very small
  • They add up to be very powerful

Example: you can simply make your lunch a little bit smaller today, or, add a little bit more vegetables to it.

That’s it for today. Big win! No need to go from ‘poor’ to ‘amazing’ in one day. You can go from ‘poor’ to ‘OK’.

Transforming from the person you look like today to the person you want to look like tomorrow will take some time.

But if you get there with changes that stick, you’ll never have to go back.


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