Squatting with a Sore Back

Whenever I strain my back squatting, my course correction is to continue squatting, and remove nothing from my weekly program.

I’m talking about the kind of strain you get when you’re under the bar, and, there’s a little tweak. I’m not talking about a major injury.

Usually it’s because your spine isn’t extended fully, and you have a heavy load on. It doesn’t take much – just a hair too relaxed in the loaded position, and, a muscle is going to cinch.

After that, you probably can finish the lift and the set, but, you know what happened, and you’re going to be sore the next few days. Possibly a week if it’s bad.

You’re going to need to add some extra stretching & mobility work to keep it loose, warm, and healing all day long.

You’re going to be in pain. You might even be grunting at work when you move the wrong way.

You’re going to piss off your wife, because she thinks you’re ‘always getting hurt’ in the gym.

As usual, she’s right: you do get hurt. There is pain. But there is also gain.

You’re going to squat if your next session calls for it anyway. Because once you warm up, and as long as your position is correct, your stabilizing muscles will be fine.

In fact, you’re not going to feel it at all while you’re lifting, because you’re going to be deadly focused on keeping your core & spine tight.

You might even hit a PR.

You’re not going to let a little tweak slow you down.

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