Water Basics

Water is one of the easiest things to correct in your diet.

How many glasses per day are you drinking? If you’re not sure, track it and write it down for three days.

You might find that you’re obviously having too little or too much.

The Mayo Clinic recommends 3.7 liters per day for men; that’s almost one whole gallon. That does, however, include water from food and all sources.

Adding a little water, if needed, can get you started important goals such as weight loss or caffeine reduction.

And if you wake up too much during the night, it’s quite possible that you’re drinking too much too close to bedtime.

Water basics: what does in, comes out.

Improving your sleep (through water consumption) can have positive ripple effects.

We can go a lot deeper on water in future posts. These are some of the basics.

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