Vitamins & Supplements: Which Protein Powder Should I Take?

My approach is to periodically try different protein sources with good ingredients.

So, two elements here: ingredients & variety. Let’s break that down.


The first thing you need to do is read the ingredients.

This, as you may already know is, my #1 rule for all food decisions.

In the case of protein powder blends, this can be confusing. You may have to skip an item that looks great, or is well priced, if you don’t know what’s in it.

I like blends. They usually taste good, and provide results.

I also use single ingredient proteins. For example, right now, I’m going through a 5 LB bag of pure, organic, raw hemp protein powder.

I prefer to make my own blends because they work out to be cheaper, and I know where every ingredient was sourced from.

Most of you will buy pre-made blends, because you don’t have the time to research, buy, and mix your own. That’s normal. (I’m not exactly normal.)

For you, a link to some good pre-made blends is below.


‘Periodically’ means to stick with one source for several weeks or months, then switch. (Unless a negative effect is noticed sooner.)

Why do I do this? During consumption I monitor results and taste.

Am I making gains at the same pace as usual? (You do record all of your workouts, of course.)

How is my digestive system the rest of the day? Month?

Even if things are going very well, I’ll still switch after a few months, just to make sure that I get protein from different sources. You can always go back to a product or ingredient that you loved.

Sometimes I go plant-based. Sometimes when I want to gain more muscle, I use more whey & dairy.

Today, I’m starting a bottle of something new: cricket-based protein powder.

Yes, that is not a joke: like, actual, ground up crickets.

That’s a topic for another post.

Below are three external links if you want some more specifics. These are not affiliate links. I do not get paid if you click on them.

Labdoor is a great site for ranking protein powder blends:

(Just because you’re favorite isn’t on there, doesn’t mean it’s not good. It may not be rated there, that’s all.)

Excellent, short read about basic differences between protein powders on Parsley Health:

Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powder

If you really want to go deeper, Ben Greenfield is one of my favorite guys for that:

Ben Greenfield’s Ultimate Supplement Guide – Your Complete Resource For Supplementing Choice, Timing, Dosing & More.

Make it a great weekend everyone!

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