Am I A Nutritionist?


This is a frequently asked question lately.

Health Coaches & Nutritionist are definitely in the same general field. And I did get my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so, that can be a little confusing.

We both work with clients to help them improve their lives, and food is one of the main vehicles for that change.

There are several differences between a Health Coach and a Nutritionist. Here is are some (but not all):

A Nutritionist is much more clinical, specific, and scientific. They must pass a national exam and are trained to diagnose both macro & micro nutrient intake. Creating a diet plan is their main focus. They may recommend specific supplements and lab work.

As Health Coach, I am not trained to diagnose. Food is important, but it is usually secondary. I’ll make general recommendations and work with you to reach goals, which evolve and are not always about food.

I can talk about macro and micro nutrients with you, but I won’t prescribe you a plan for them. If you have a condition or disease that required such close monitoring of your diet and blood work, I would refer you to, or work with you in collaboration with, a Nutritionist or Doctor.

I don’t subscribe to any one dietary theory. (Many nutritionists do). I work with you to uncover what works best for you, in all areas of life.

In addition to your diet, that may also include your relationships, spirituality, career, exercise, and more.

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